Karen Fowler Floral Designs

A Little about me...

Karen Fowler Floral Design is the best choice when looking for flowers for weddings, banquets or any event. You can rest assured that your flowers will not only be top quality, but also fresh. Your flowers will not sit in a fridge for a week as most flower shops do. With an overall design experience of 13 years, I decided it was time to break free . I'm not like other Florists, YOU will be my only bride for that day, my full attention will be on you! Can you guarantee that at a flower shop?  I take great pride in the work that I do.

While employed with several well known and award winning shops in and around the Philadelphia area some of my designs have been showcased on the popular television shows Platinum Weddings and Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? My designs have also been photographed for National and International Bridal magazines for inclusion in advertisements and featured articles.

I have always been a creative person who loves color and floral design has given me a way to earn a living doing something I genuinely enjoy. Bridal designs give me a chance to be part of one of the happiest and most special time in people’s lives. When I sit down with a bride for the first time and listen to her tell me about her vision for a day she has been dreaming of her whole life it inspires me to help her make her “happily ever after” happen in a way she will never forget!

Consultation are available in person, phone or thru e-mail. And there always free!
Phone: 609-334-3568
E-mail: Capemayweddingflowers@yahoo.com
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